So. I guess I have a Blog now?

Hey YOU! Thanks for stopping by!

So who am I and why do I feel so self indulgent to create a blog AND think people will actually read said blog? Well, firstly, I am a mother, partner and friend. I have a pretty dark and sarcastic sense of humor and use that to get through the tough stuff. My life has not been without challenges, surprises and blessings. I have the unique and unfortunate position to also hold the titles of survivor of childhood sexual abuse as well as a mother to a victim of childhood sexual abuse.

I navigated through the process of my daughter’s journey blindly. I stumbled the entire way. I had mental and emotional breakdowns, resigned from my dream job and probably provided my friends and family with enough drama to write an HBO mini-series. You see, my daughter’s trauma reactivated my own trauma and I had zero resources for all of the fucked up shit that was being put on my plate. (Yes, I said fucked up shit. Also, yes, there will be all the cuss words in this blog.) Every single aspect of my life was now penetrated and taken control over by this trauma and I felt hopeless.

I want to share my story.

My experiences.

My defeats.

My successes.

My goal with this blog, is simple. Share my story and hopefully help people.

  • If one victim finds the courage to speak up and report their abuse
  • If one victim finds therapy in reading my journey
  • If one victim finds similarities in my story and seeks therapy to finally find the healing they deserve
  • If one Parent or loved one of a victim finds an advocate and support in me, through this blog
  • If one human reads this and finds perspective and forgiveness in that one friend who always acts a fool and they just don’t get it

…. then… #nailedit

I hope you find something out of this blog and hope you become a regular in these parts!

There are worse words than cusswords, there are words that hurt.

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